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Fade ustream - 2012.02.29 - Complete

What's up guys? Anyways I've managed to record Fade's ustream ...yea... all 6-7 hrs of live ustream that night. I went to bed but left my computer continue recording. Which is awesome cuz my computer was able to actually record 7 hrs with out dying \(^^)/ but exporting and converting it ... was too big to do all at once and Part 3 is 4.5 hrs long that needed editing since the ustream wasnt perfect. The live stream continued to freeze or stop so... I cut and editing out a lot of freezes. 


Part 1 : 001 / 002  / 003 / 004
Edit: Part 1 reuploaded by ryuik

Part 2 : 001 / 002 / 003

Part 3: 001 / 002 / 003 / 004 / 005 

Part 4: 001 / 002 / 003 / 004 / 005 

Part 3 (I might split it in half) will be uploaded after March 20th. It will be 4.5 hrs long in total (or about 2 hrs each if I split it) and it will be full of Jon's epicness w/ u:zo and hentai....ness... ^^;;; 

Reimei mp3 rip will not be uploaded cuz I didn't realize my rip only played on the right side/speaker until it was too late. I replaced Reimei choppy/skippy version in the middle of the stream part 3 w/ the one at the end of the ustream ... but like I said before... I didn't realize the song only played out of the right speaker only until it was too late and I already encoded and uploaded the video. soo... Sorry. Redoing the whole video takes too much time. So I'm going to leave it as is. Maybe when I have time I'll re-rip it properly. or you guys can wait till June for the album to come out.  :P 

Video feed also freeze (for a second or two) frequently. not my fault. =___=

P.S. if the links die, I will NOT reupload. so anyone wants to reupload parts... feel free to.


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