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So I just bought these...

Looks awesome. Though I don't normally wear over the ear headphones but earbuds style headphones... These look pretty cool and cute too. I just hope the sound is really good.

If anyone else wants to buy them you can get them here:


...though the campaign ends in 28 hrs. on Nov 07. And estimated ready date is sometime in April 2015. I'm no sure how expensive they will be if/when they are available in mass production/in stores/online.


My New Baby~ :D

My New Baby~ :DDDD I promise I won't spill anything on you...or at least try my best not to. ^__^;;
Love you~
My wallet already hates me tho. ;___;

I'm Alive~

I'm still alive... even though I dont post. Been mostly on twitter lurking on LJ and twitter ^^;;

Finding DLs for dramas and anime became harder. *sigh*

Anywayz I still needa sort though my G stuff and other stuff and eventually will make a post of stuff to sell... >.> if I ever get around to finish all the cleaning, organizing and sorting of all my stuff :x just letting u know

Fade ustream - 2012.02.29 - Complete

What's up guys? Anyways I've managed to record Fade's ustream ...yea... all 6-7 hrs of live ustream that night. I went to bed but left my computer continue recording. Which is awesome cuz my computer was able to actually record 7 hrs with out dying \(^^)/ but exporting and converting it ... was too big to do all at once and Part 3 is 4.5 hrs long that needed editing since the ustream wasnt perfect. The live stream continued to freeze or stop so... I cut and editing out a lot of freezes. 


Part 1 : 001 / 002  / 003 / 004
Edit: Part 1 reuploaded by ryuik

Part 2 : 001 / 002 / 003

Part 3: 001 / 002 / 003 / 004 / 005 

Part 4: 001 / 002 / 003 / 004 / 005 

Part 3 (I might split it in half) will be uploaded after March 20th. It will be 4.5 hrs long in total (or about 2 hrs each if I split it) and it will be full of Jon's epicness w/ u:zo and hentai....ness... ^^;;; 

Reimei mp3 rip will not be uploaded cuz I didn't realize my rip only played on the right side/speaker until it was too late. I replaced Reimei choppy/skippy version in the middle of the stream part 3 w/ the one at the end of the ustream ... but like I said before... I didn't realize the song only played out of the right speaker only until it was too late and I already encoded and uploaded the video. soo... Sorry. Redoing the whole video takes too much time. So I'm going to leave it as is. Maybe when I have time I'll re-rip it properly. or you guys can wait till June for the album to come out.  :P 

Video feed also freeze (for a second or two) frequently. not my fault. =___=

P.S. if the links die, I will NOT reupload. so anyone wants to reupload parts... feel free to.

one day... maybe...

One day... I swear... maybe... in the -near- future... I'll upload pics and stuff of all the shitz I got from Japan ^^;; G and others.... really... I swear~~~ ^__^;;
Merry Xmas everyone. I hope urs is better than mine.~ =3=  I want Xmas dinner... and presents... and people to spend the day with. *sigh*  4:40 am on 2011.12.25 and should probably be getting to bed soon. anyways... Here's a present.

Gackt... put down that poor innocent teddy Bear!~

2009 - Gackt + Takanori 's - Konayuki as a MP3 (click)  - it was ripped from the nico nico vid (2009). END. 

\(^o^)/ メリークリスGACKTマス〜

HMV fail~ .___.

I was excited.... then a second later after brain started working again... was disappointed and sad >___< .

YFC - Short & Sweet

From oct. 16-17 lives
- G's nipples are a nice brown color while Jon's is a nice pink ^^
- G has an innie belly button while Jon has an outie~ 
- no new fanservice on Oct. 20th show compared to 19th. and G looked tired ;___; 
- compared to the sept. live, the confetti/streamers that shot out was different. in sept. the streamers were only red in color while in oct it was black with YFC logo and name + show ur soul I ... <-- since its labeled "I" I hope there's a "II" and that i can see those too :D
- flowers in Zepp Tokyo for YFC 
- Note + small gift left in G + J 's gift box. ^^;; I wonder wat G did with it when he saw (chucked it across the room maybe?)

Click for more + pics... ^__^Collapse )

JAPAN~~~~~ :D

Guess where I'm at~~~ hmm~~ =3

Japan~~ YEAH~~ I'm tired though~ 13-14 hr flight... couldnt sleep... been awake for 38 hrs~~ D: .... still sorta high on the excitement though my face doesnt really show it... :x

I bought takoyaki .... 450 yen ...

exchange rate sucks ... ;___; $600 USD = 44,250 yen .... $1 = 73.75 yen... omG ... WTF ... I lost like... $150 .... *cries* ...

I'm sticky and disgusting.... need shower... sleep... food.... water.... energy... x____X